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Matilda Laura’s Charm – A Photo Session

Matilda, Laura’s charm – A PHOTO SESSION: we felt THIS was an appropriate title simply because Matilda was a charm.

My daughter Brittany helped me on this photo session, thankfully, because she’s great with kids – really she’s great with everyone. She fell in love with Matilda but who wouldn’t or couldn’t. Brittany is now a student at Appalachian State University, was home for the weekend, and found it in her heart to help me with the session – let’s just say I was extremely grateful.

Laura was absolutely helpful and a proud mom. It was a warm and dreary day, wet, had been raining the night before, but we managed an outdoor session anyway.I’d like to thank Laura for giving us the opportunity to photographer for her her beautiful young lady – Matilda.

If you are interested in an outdoor photo session please contact us at or simply check out our packages on this page and fill-out the form.

sanket at duke

Sanket and Family Duke Gardens

Sanket and family from Morrisville, NC asked us to perform a photo session at Duke Gardens in Durham North Carolina last year. In particular, his wife and his newborn.We were happy to oblige, the family was great and their child a charm.



Bess parents

The Bess Family Portrait Session

The Bess family, Michael, Pamela and kids are a great family hailing from Raleigh NC. We were asked to do a family portrait session at their home near Raleigh. My daughter Brittany and I met the family for the first time Sunday and they were very warm and welcoming. Their beautiful backyard was the setting for the photographs, and we spent a few hours or more with them using digital gear as well as film. My daughter and the Bess children broke the barrier and became friends after all was said and done… Then, after everyone tired out, we all decided to call it a day.

My best regards to Michael, Pamela and family! And Thanks!

mina and sandra

Photos of Mina & Sandra

Pre-Engagement at Duke Gardens… We met the happy couple, Mina and Sandra, Saturday morning at Duke Gardens, and visited all the beautiful sections of the garden. It was hot, but we all persisted and captured beautiful photos of the happy couple.



Rosie and Family

Rosie and Family

Rosie and her husband are in the medical field here in North Carolina. Both, served in Iraq, and they both have very fond of their pets.
Rosie asked us to do a photo session of the family of four for Christmas.

Tanwee in Raleigh

Couples First Photography in Raleigh NC

Tanwee is from a Conservative background and wouldn’t allow post of kisses, and that was a shame because there was some real “clean” affection between the two. This was the couples first photo session and we were ecstatic that they thought enough of our photography to ask us to photograph it. This was their one year anniversary and we hope they have many, many more. The two were fun, relaxed, and genuinely good people. The best from us too you two!

From Tim’s Photography Raleigh NC!

See Tanwee’s Testimonial! >


Family in Duck North Carolina

Becky and her family are from Virginia and vacationed in Duck North Carolina. She had a plan to surprise her folks with a family photo-shoot while there, so she contacted us in Raleigh. After searching for local photographers in the coastal region she still was adamant of having is travel to Duck and do the photo session. She was sweet and concerned over the quality of work she had seen, so we obliged. I love the outer-banks anyway and it didn’t take much twisting of the arm. The family was charming and a joy to work with. We all weathered the cold evening and the shoot came off without a hitch. Thanks guys!

Chirs Dozier in court

Chris Dozier Law Firm

Chris contacted us awhile back and asked if we’d do a photo session for the opening of his new law firm here in Raleigh NC. We gladly accepted!

beach photography

Couple’s Beach Photography

Susan and Kevin reunited recently and we did a beach photography session for them at Oak Island NC. The two were great to work with and the day went without a hitch.