35mm film

Film and Photograph Conversion

Turn your old film and photographs into quality prints and digital images!

Yes! We take your old negatives and photograph and make high quality prints and digital files. Just drop them in the mail or phone us at 919-818-7729 for more details.

We process negative or positive film and old photographs to create new photographs up to 600 DPI. And, we can take your really old cherished 3″ x 3″ photo-album photos up to 8″x10″ and better!

* Download this file, mail it with your film or photos, and tell us what you’d like. See our price-list.

For Questions email Tim or phone Tim 919.818-7729

Mail to: Tim’s Photography Raleigh

3011-104 Crimson Tree Ct., Raleigh NC 27613

before and after one

Photo taken Sept. 1951


Photo taken in the 1990s in Vietnam


Damaged color Negative of clients favorite cat, the cat became missing This image is 300 DPI and can be enlarged considerably.

35mm film scan to photo and repaired

Note: Our quality is solely based on the quality of the original. We edit and touch-up but can’t create miracles.