bettershutterfotologoOur faq page answers some questions you might have as well as any legal issues.

This website or blog is Tim’s Photography of Raleigh, and owner is Timothy S. Morris.

Navigation of blog

Links to our pages are at the top and in the header image.

In the section labeled Latest News are posts by us with various discussions about photography in general, cameras and other related topics. Click on the image to access the posts.

The footer, located under social media share buttons there’s information about us, our location in Raleigh NC, and contact information.

Noted in our Slice Project section of the home page are copyrighted images by Timothy Morris from past and current photo sessions by Tim’s Photography Raleigh.

About our services

As noted in the Grab a Slice section of the front page are our four basic services. For more information on these go here or we can help

Photo session prices might vary less or more depending on the clients desires; such as more prints, the size of prints, tri-fold folio(s), or session time.

There will be a basic contract where time, place, fee, etc… Is noted

You, our client, will have exclusive copyright to their photographs. We do not hold photographs hostage for more than the initially agreed upon fee in contract. As well, we would ask permission to display in our portfolio some photographs from client’s photo session. This will be noted in contract.

Contracts are a basic and simple as possible.

We are fully insured.

For any other questions please contact us.

faq by Tim’s Photography Raleigh.