tim at 125pxWe are passionate, dependable, and honest photographers – we love what we do – and will work with you and yours through thick and thin. You will quickly find this true about us.

I’ll try to not bore you as I’m sure you’ve read many ‘about’ pages. I can tell you over and over again that we are great photographers, many think we are, and the truth is there are many good photographers out there, but what we have and do is a style all our own, a style we have polished, and one that pushes boundaries.

Back story

I began with art early in life; around the age of 8. My mom was in art but gave it up to work full-time. But, before she stopped painting she left behind a few pieces of admiral work. I tried to emulate them of course and kept on, it seemed, hours then days and days on the floor with water colors, till I could at least get close to her perfection. I kept on through school and in to college where I joined the newspaper and picked-up photography then photo-journalism.

I took many photographs for the student paper and apparently used a style of photography they liked – candid – photos of student life. I liked to write op-eds and breaking news, and now try my hand at short-stories. My favorite author in the world is the late Flannery O’Connor, she painted a picture with the written word – a vivid picture – and that’s real talent.

Long story short, before I bore you to death, I began photography on my job photographing landscapes with 35mm film. I wasn’t supposed to but did anyway and would have probably been fired if caught. I then transitioned to people and street photography, went public in 2008, and have been going at it in the Raleigh, North Carolina area ever since. My heritage, myself (my desire and passion) and the good Lord always brings me home to what I was meant to do – capture special moments in our lives.

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Timothy Morris

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Telephone: 919-818-7729